The Voyage Continues

from 2017​-​2018 by Juno Noel

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This track actually exists of four mixed individual tracks. It started to grow as an idea to continue the sound wave journey, started in the 2016-2017 album with the tracks "Supernova Phase 1/2/3 & Starflight in mind".

Let's have a look :

Stardust - Soundscape/Drone - 0’00” - 2’27”

This is a soundscape, or drone if you will. After "Starflight" of the previous album, the navigation systems crashed during the sound wave journey. Covered in "Stardust" we are gliding further into space, just following beacons ...

Quantum Particles - Electronic/Synthesizer - 2’28” - 8’03”

Engines are at full power, navigation is back online, but something mysterious is happening. Tiny particles, not visible to the naked eye, are penetrating our ship. Quantum Particles, we try to analyse, to comprehend them. We even fear them a bit, but they look interesting. Can we use them ? What are they doing ?

Cosmic Rays - Electronic/Synthesizer - 8’04” - 13’40”

We barely started to comprehend the basics of the Quantum Particles when we noticed a breach. Rays are entering our ship, even worse, Cosmic Rays, also invisible but very dangerous to us. We have to escape...

End Of Flight(?) - Electronic/Synthesizer - 13’10 - 18’58”

After all these dangerous adventures, the journey can continue again. We glide next to satellites, meteors and planets. Stars are rushing by. Everything turns into chaos, should we continue ? Or will this be the end of the journey ?


from 2017​-​2018, released February 22, 2018




Juno Noel Belgium

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